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Love Unlocks Live Session with Jamie George
Jun 9 2020
Love Unlocks Live Session with Jamie George
You have to listen to this! What an amazing interview! Today I spoke to an amazing man Skyping in from Nashville, TN. For the last 30 years, Jamie George has dedicated his life to helping successful professionals heal the fractures in their relationships produced by stress and anxiety so that they can experience peace and love in their closest relationships. When I met Jamie back in 2008, he was pastoring Journey Church in Franklin, TN. It had a unique vibe and was filled with creatives from different spheres of the entertainment industry. On my last visit to Nashville in June 2019, he was leading a church in Brentwood, but since then had made a shift from pastoring to transformational life coaching. Jamie is the founder and principal coach for a transformational coaching company called, Navigate. His coaching centers around relationships, emotional health, leadership, and legacy. Today I want you to hear from him how God's love has unlocked his life. Visit to get his books and learn more about what he does. More on Jamie: Jamie is also the Co-Founder of The Prodigy Cinema School where he serves as President, guest lecturer, and one of the school’s Executive Producers. Jamie is the author of multiple books and publications including, Into the Kingdom, Poets & Saints, Love Well, The Wisdom of Solomon, and The Road to Hana. He collaborated with New York Times best-selling novelist Ted Dekker on The Way of Love and New York Times best-selling novelist Karen Kingsbury on The Heart of the Story. Jamie has been actively serving as a coach and mentors to hundreds of executives, writers, directors, musicians, and entertainers throughout Nashville for the last 14 years. Jamie is also one of “Nashville’s Storytellers.” His show, anchored in storytelling and performance arts, The Human Experience premieres on June 15, 2020. Jamie has been married for 27 years, has four children, and lives in Brentwood, Tennessee. Blessings Heinz Winckler