PREVIEW: Fantasy Football Follies

Fantasy Football Follies

13-08-2017 • 6 mins

Welcome to the Barstool Sports' Fantasy Football Follies Podcast presented by DraftKings and hosted by The Gringo Mandingo aka Michael Rapaport. There are no friends in Fantasy Football by subscribing to this podcast it means you're in for the long haul to the champion's platform and ready to have a good time weekly. This is the only podcast that mixes trash talking, fun, personality with weekly advice with Fantasy Football experts, NFL Superstars and seasoned sports personalities. This podcast will give you the inside track to what's going on in the world of Fantasy Football like you have never heard before. Step inside the Monkey Cage and come Dance with The Dingo every Thursday A.M. through the NFL season and into your playoffs' winners circle. Kickoff Store Sale: PROMO CODE: BUTTER for 10% OFF