05: Jasmijn Schrofer on "Tarikat" and "Death of Darkness"


20-11-2020 • 58 mins

Welcome back to IN HER LENS! This week Nadine is joined by Jasmijn Schrofer. Jasmijn is a Dutch/Chinese American documentary filmmaker based in Amsterdam. She was raised in The Hague and in 2015 she graduated from The Nederlandse FilmAcademie with her award winning film "Tarikat"; a short doc about Sufism. "Tarikat" is currently still making it's way around the festival circuit. Today, she is working on her upcoming documentary, "Death of Darkness," about the installation of electricity in Illaut, Northern Kenya. In this episode, we talk about connecting to the essence of a story and the translation from feeling to work- the creation of "Tarikat" and building trust with your subjects, the impact of silence, and we discuss her upcoming film "Death of Darkness."

In this episode we talk about the following works: No Logo by Naomi Klein and the music of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. We also talk about the work of composer Kaveh Vares in her film "Tarikat."

Jasmijn Schrofer is an Dutch/Chinese American filmmaker interested in documentary and dance film. She is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You can follow Jasmijn on instagram @jasmijnschrofer and follow the journey of her new film "Death of Darkness."

Nadine Reumer is a Dutch actress and podcaster based between Amsterdam and New York City. For further information on her work & to get in contact, visit her website: www.nadinereumer.com

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