13: Kid Moxie on Composing & Synthpop Dreams


05-07-2021 • 43 mins

Elena Charbila, also known as Kid Moxie, is a Greek musician, composer, and actress. Under her musical moniker, she creates what can only be defined as cinematic electro pop. Elena’s music has been featured in multiple TV commercials, TV shows, and indie films. She composed the soundtrack to the new film ‘Not To Be Unpleasant, But We Need To Have A Serious Talk’ by Giorgos Georgopoulos. Released on Lakeshore Records, the soundtrack includes her cover of Alphaville’s “Big in Japan.” She created tracks for the action video game “Cyberpunk 2077” and her latest work No Island Temple Remix in collaboration with Die Arktekt is available now. In this episode, In this episode, Elena and Nadine talk about her finding artistic and personal freedom in music, they chat about how her process works and shifts per project and her fascination with building a bridge from this realm to another. They discuss the art of networking and the importance of being your own manager. In relation to this, Elena shares how she came to work with Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch on the rework of “Mysteries of Love.”

All the music in this episode was kindly provided by Kid Moxie. The episode contains the following songs, in order of appearance: Slow Escape (from “Not To Be Unpleasant”), Jacqueline the Ripper (from “1888”), Closer Than Ever (from “Not To Be Unpleasant”), Bonsai (from “Not To Be Unpleasant”), No Island (remix with Die Arkitekt.)

Kid Moxie, Elena Charbila, is a Greek composer and actress based in California, USA. You can check out her work on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube.

Nadine Reumer is a Dutch actress and podcaster based between Amsterdam and New York City. For further information on her work & to get in contact, visit her website: www.nadinereumer.com

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