08: Denise Ekale Kum on Seasons


01-01-2021 • 1 hr 3 mins

Happy New Year! Welcoming 2021 with a brand-new episode. This week, Nadine chats with self-taught writer and director Denise Ekale Kum. Based in Berlin, Denise is creating a four-part short film series loosely based on the year's seasons. Her shorts Wintersonnewende (Winter Solstice), Natsu no Takaramono (Natsu's Treasure), and Respringendo have screened at various festivals and her fourth and final short is currently in the works. In this episode, Nadine and Denise talk about her journey following her passion for filmmaking. They chat about bringing multiple identities and experiences to the work that you do and Denise shares her biggest learnings from the development of her short films in pre production, on set, and in the edit room. Denise talks in depth about her work with Tyron Ricketts, Panthertainment and their work with Germany’s oldest film production company UFA. In a major move, and one of the first in Germany to do so, the company announced a Diversity and Inclusion Quota; a commitment to representation- on gender, people of color, LGBTIQ+ and disability- both in front and behind the camera.

In this episode we talk about the following works: Kindred by Octavia E. Butler, Maître Gims - Sapés Comme Jamais, Steve Mekoudja, and Punch (완득이;Wan-deuki)

Denise Ekale Kum is a Berlin-based self-taught writer and director from Cameroon and Germany. She creates under her production company Sunny Prod. You can watch a variety of her work on Vimeo and follow her on Instagram.

Nadine Reumer is a Dutch actress and podcaster based between Amsterdam and New York City. For further information on her work & to get in contact, visit her website: www.nadinereumer.com

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