Live Better Now with Life Coach Zach

Mar 3 2023 • 11 mins

Have you ever taken a look, a serious look at the amount of time you spend on your phone? Whether social media, watching videos, work, etc. I have an iPhone and it tracks it for me and I'm sure if you have an Android device it does it as well, but the last couple of weeks and it definitely felt like it was creeping up, I've been averaging a lot of hours per day looking at my phone. I'm a Life Coach, I do a lot of my work through my phone.... I'm also a full-time Realtor and both businesses of mine are super busy, but I was shocked when I found out I was logging an average of 8hrs per day on my phone... That's gotta change a bit. I need to reduce that. I've turned off a bunch of notifications that cause you just to look at your phone to see what's up. I'm a pretty aware person so the plan going forward is to not pull out my phone when I'm bored or waiting in line. The plan is to reduce my screen time by 25%.

Let me know your thoughts. If you are listening on Spotify, there's an option to respond to the question.... What do you do to limit your screen time or unnecessary use of your phone? Let me know.  Thanks!!


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