Content Creating | Akai Jackson Khanna House Studios Ep 233

Live Better Now

Aug 9 2023 • 31 mins

I had the opportunity to sit down with personal branding expert, Akai Jackson who is also the Studio Manager at Khanna House Studios, Wellington Florida's exclusive pod/VLOGcast + Content Creation Studio and Event Space. Their full-service studio presents a chic and refined setting designed for enterprises, innovators, individuals, and artistic experts to collaborate and fabricate top-tier content for their audiences and so we sat down using their recording equipment and recorded the audio and video for this podcast. Look for the video on YouTube soon.

We had a great chat about content creation and personal branding, and Akai offered some really solid foundational tips on getting started in the field of creation. It was great, I enjoyed our chat.

If you are in the Palm Beach County area, check out Khanna Studios in Wellington.


Instagram: Khannahousestudios

Akai Jackson in IG: AkaiJJackson

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