Episode 10: Royal Ghosts of Awadh | अवध के शाही भूत


Jun 5 2021 • 15 mins

For over three decades, Malcha Mahal, a 14th-century hunting lodge in the middle of Delhi’s ridge forest, inhabited by the self-proclaimed royal family of Oudh, remained out of bounds for those uninvited. Until the afternoon of September 3, 2017, not many had entered the lodge. And then one afternoon, the palace’s last resident, Prince Ali Raza was found dead. For over three decades, Prince Ali Raza lived at the palace with his mother Wilayat and sister Sakina. Proclaiming themselves as descendants of the Oudh Royal family, the three had refused to leave the 14th-century hunting lodge until the government returned their ancestral property. A New York Times article recently suggested that the three may not have been related to the Royal family. The reporter interviewed Raza’s relatives who said Raza was no prince. They said Wilayat hallucinated. The three took the truth to their graves. Listen to this mysterious REAL story tonight narrated by your dost and host Tushar Sen : https://instagram.com/tusharsarojsen | www.dhaak.com