NFL TALK - Who is the King of the AFC East? - Carl Nassib and team MVP's for the NFC East

NFL TALK 'From Across the Pond and Back'

05-07-2021 • 52 mins

This week on NFL Talk from across the pond our duo battled through yet more technical difficulties (the hamster that powers the entire UK's Internet clearly stopped running) to bring you up to speed with all things football this independence day weekend [King George probably wouldn't appreciate the Duke's defence of all things England!] And with a truce of sorts in Green Bay this weekend, we gave Rodger's Watch a break as we wondered if Martinez will be the star in New York this season? Who will take the AFC East title this year? And which NFL team would be most like to peek behind the curtain of?

For all this and much more, stayed tuned to NFL Talk: from across the pond