NFL TALK - Coaches on the Hot Seat in July? Kyler Murray lovefest and Why Mr. Rodgers is still crying in Green Bay?

NFL TALK 'From Across the Pond and Back'

28-06-2021 • 56 mins

The dynamic duo are back again and like the NFL Cardinals we're on a high as we delve into some of the league's quarterback rooms. What does the future look like for Kyler Murray's in Arizonia? Will Lawrence really sit behind the mullet or Luton in Jacksonville and will the Green Bay Whinger really use Covid to opt out?

And as the weather hots up (well not in the UK - that'd really be news if it did) we discuss which coaches are on the hot seat in 2021 and, speaking of coaches, shy do they let their players try out for the Olympics?

As usual the only way to find out the answer to all these questions and more is to listen in to NFL Talk: from across the pond and back.