WOJM 198: YouTube TeamStream 1/7/2022

WOJM: What's On Joe Mind?

10-01-2022 • 1 hr 51 mins

This episode is the audio for a YouTube TeamStream that initially ran on January 7, 2022.  TeamStreams run every Friday at 9 pm on the WOJM YouTube channel, barring unforeseen circumstances or holidays.  Please take a moment and help us out — even if you don’t watch us there, subscribe to our YouTube channel today!

In this episode, the WOJM Team compiles the list of Top Ten GI Joe Figures of 2021!  It's one last, longing look at the year gone by, which was pretty good to our hobby despite being kind of cruddy in general.  Plus, Hasbro gets a new CEO, Duke roars back into action, and GI Joe fans discover the true meaning of "discount line" -- plus shout-outs, the return of Snarky Mark, and more!  LISTEN TODAY!

You can watch this episode at: https://youtu.be/lTyBDe3p1no