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Welcome to A Swedish Fika, a podcast about the unique culture of Sweden and how it compares to life in the United States. I'm your host, PixelPia, and I have had the privilege of living and working in Sweden and the US. In this podcast, I will share my personal experiences and insights on the differences and similarities between the two countries. From the concept of "lagom" and the tradition of fika to the role of the welfare state and the challenges of integration, this podcast offers a unique perspective on the Swedish way of life. Tune in for a lively and thought-provoking discussion on what makes Sweden and the US both similar and distinct.https://aswedishfika.com read less

The Swedish Election
The Swedish Election
Last Sunday, September 9th, was the election day in Sweden, and since this is a podcast about Sweden and Swedes, I had to cover that. But before we talk about the actual results of the election, and what changes it will lead to, let’s talk about the election process in Sweden.  In Sweden, the election is held on the second Sunday of September every 4th year. There are three elections held at this time;Riksdag (the parliament)Landsting (the regional assembly)Kommun (the municipal assembly) The Riksdag has 349 seats and at the moment there are eight different parties represented.  The rules for who can vote and who can become a politician and run for a seat are the same. So if you are eligible to vote you are also eligible to run for a seat. Let’s Look at the 2022 ElectionAt the time of my recording, there are still some question marks, but I will try to give you an accurate as possible picture of what happened and what the consequences will be. And just a fun fact that sometimes creates confusion, in Sweden, the left parties are represented as red parties and the right parties are blue, the opposite of here in the US where red is the color of the republicans and blue of the democrats. Places I Remember with Lea LaneAward-winning writer shares travel memories, tips w/ savvy travelers. Smart, lively, fun!Listen on: Apple Podcasts   SpotifySupport the showThank You for listening to A Swedish Fika. Subscribe to my monthly newsletterMy website, A Swedish FikaFor Support;Buy Me A Coffe shop, A Swedish Fika.PixelPia