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Jim Fini

In my book, Locally Grown: The Art of Sustainable Government, I talk about how our country's bottom up design of 20,000 zip codes, 50 states and 1 Federal government, brilliantly distributes power within that bottom-up infrastructure. Our Founders intended most governance to be done locally. And about the inherent dangers of too much centralized power. My book exposes the unsustainability of our government debt and the awful bargain we make when we exchange freedom for security. I introduce readers to Locally Grown principles like sustainability, accountability, the double-bottom line, harnessing excess capacity, simplification, and engaged citizenship. I make the case that returning to our federalist roots through Locally Grown principles is the path to sustainable, effective government that better serves the “Common Good.” read less


Episode 38 - Time to Wake Up to Rising Geopolitical Risks. Are You Listening Joe?
Jul 27 2021
Episode 38 - Time to Wake Up to Rising Geopolitical Risks. Are You Listening Joe?
The Biden Administration is busy. Very busy. Busy making sure all we hear about is racial politics, the dreaded COVID Delta Variant, climate change, diminishing our election laws, defunding our police, and turning our schools into indoctrination centers. So I guess it's understandable that they have missed the growing threat that our adversaries pose to our place in the world. China and Russia both hack our companies and government while invading their neighbors with impunity. We are about to reward Iran with a re-start of the sham nuclear deal by the same State Department crew who "negotiated" it during the Obama years. China's Navy is now the largest in the world and Russia just introduced a new Mach 7 missile that completely obsoletes our nuclear defense capabilities. What will we do when China decides to invade Taiwan? Or when Putin decides to take the rest of Ukraine he doesn't already control? Or when any of our adversaries flood their operatives into the U.S. through our porous southern border? I'm not optimistic when I hear our President say that "white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today." I'd fall down laughing if this wasn't so serious. It's obvious to even the casual observer that our adversaries are NOT defunding their police, NOT opening their borders to all comers, NOT focused on climate change, NOT changing their schools which are already indoctrination centers, NOT changing their elections processes because they are already rigged, and NOT changing their military from a fighting force that can actually win wars, into a race-gender-sexual orientation safe space. For anyone that thinks America is a nation of bigots, I would invite them to spend time in China or Russia or just about anywhere else on this planet. It feels like we are living in an episode of the Twilight Zone.My guest, retired US diplomat David Hunter, joins me to unpack all this Geopolitical risk. Hold on to your hats!