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House of Morpheus Ep 1 - Get on the damn bus!
May 3 2019
House of Morpheus Ep 1 - Get on the damn bus!
House of Morpheus Actual Play Episode 1Get on the Bushaphazardfiction.comThe mountains of Colorado. Their beauty, majesty and mystery has drawn mankind here since the first natives crossed the Bering Strait during the last ice age. Understanding the importance of the lines of power running through the area, the Ute, one of the most wise and ancient of Native American tribes, protected a junction of those lines. Millennia after millennia, the Ute drove away spirits, monsters, and even power hungry men who sought the font of untapped mystical energy that sprung from that nexus.Then... Manifest destiny. European settlers sought to move west across the land and claim everything they saw for their own. The numbers, weapons and disease brought with these settlers was too much for even the wise Ute. Driven off their own land, the nexus of power was left unguarded and unchecked. Settlers were drawn to the area in search of silver and gold, and their greed was only fueled by the nexus that the Ute had managed to keep under control thanks to constant vigilance.1918, Archibald Staunton, Oneroi of the House of Morpheus, is sent to Colorado to find the center of power that is believed to be a nexus of three ley lines. The Ley of Perpetual Life, The Ley of Inevitable Death, and the Ley of Elemental Earth conjoin outside of the new city of Denver. Staunton and his Aspect team battle to take control of these wild forces and settle the area to renew the vigil that had been neglected for over a century.Now, standing guard over the nexus and the city of Denver falls to the House's newest Oneroi, Malcolm Creed, his assistant, Bonnie Blackwater, and his groundskeeper, Chamberlain. Creed must protect the site, and will need a new team of Aspects to investigate, control, and battle the forces of evil that all challenge The House of Morpheus.