Shark Tank Alumni - Jerry Hancock & His Business That Creates A Chilling Experience

Antonio Bravata's Business Coaching & Optimization

Jul 7 2023 • 2 hrs 15 mins

In the season opener of our podcast, we'll be getting the scoop on an ice cream revolution from none other than Jerry Hancock, the brain behind the phenomenal SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream. Jerry has turned ice cream-making into a spectacle, using the magic of liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze fresh ingredients into smooth, delicious treats right in front of his customers' eyes.

But SubZero isn’t just about amazing ice cream. It’s about an immersive experience that takes dessert to a whole new level. Join us as we delve into the secret recipe of SubZero’s success, their unique customer engagement strategy, and their vision to redefine the ice cream experience.

Hear directly from Jerry about his journey, the science behind his concept, and his audacious plans for the future. You'll also get an exclusive insight into the reimagined SubZero model, where ice cream parlors transform into sit-down, experiential ice cream restaurants. It's a move that's set to disrupt the industry and promises to make SubZero a destination, not just an ice cream shop.

We'll also touch on Jerry's daring strategy to merge franchises back into the corporation, aiming to boost profitability, increase brand value, and provide exciting opportunities for franchisees. It's a high-stakes gambit that could change the game for SubZero and set a precedent for businesses across sectors.

For anyone with a taste for entrepreneurship, innovative business models, or even just ice cream, this is one episode you won't want to miss. Stay tuned for a conversation that's as refreshing and exciting as a SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream experience itself!

**Don't miss out. Get the inside scoop on the SubZero revolution with Jerry Hancock. Coming soon!**

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