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Introducing "Motherhood Meets Medicine" Podcast
Introducing "Motherhood Meets Medicine" Podcast
This is a surprise mini-episode as part of a fun series where I introduce you to other wonderful podcasts that might bless and benefit your life.  These shows are all produced by or part of the podcast network that I am apart of, Cloud10 Media. It has been so rewarding for me to collaborate with other podcasters who are working hard to get their important messages out into the world.  The show I am featuring today is called Motherhood Meets Medicine. The Motherhood Meets Medicine Podcast is a space that brings all women together. It's for those who hope to be a mom one day, those who are already mothers, and mothers of mothers. The host, Lynzy, is a Physician Assistant in the Emergency Department where she has practiced medicine for the last 12 years. She brings in experts with formal training to cover everything about motherhood ranging from postpartum issues to feeding babies to managing toddler tantrums.This podcast provides candid, informal interviews that you can listen to while you're driving to work, folding laundry or whatever else your busy day may bring. For today's mini-episode, we are airing a clip with an interview from Chemical Engineer and Food Scientist, Erin, or “Food Science Babe” as she’s known throughout her social media channels. As a mom, do you ever feel confused about what you should be feeding your kids? The health and wellness industry can sometimes feel very fear-based, and it’s nice to get a breakdown from a professional on what’s actually happening. In this clip, Erin discusses what’s required to label foods organic and debunking the myth that food grown organically are always safer or more nutritious.  You are going to want to listen this excerpt from the Motherhood Meets Medicine podcast, and then head on over to their feed to listen to the entire episode! **Listen to the full episode here, and subscribe to Motherhood Meets Medicine here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices