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A bunch of Non-IIM grads on a mission to share MBA knowledge to the common man with podcast, memes and movies they grew up watching. . This Tamil podcast is for Students who want to learn something new, Entrepreneurs who want marketing ideas and Businessmen who wants to stay updated with the current marketing and business trends. . We discuss various business news, marketing tips, data insights, case study analysis and CEO talks. . Got any topic ideas / suggestions / feedback : . This podcast is managed by Drug Lord, Cat and Robo.

☕ C1E38 - Velaikkaran Movie : Dissection & Analysis | Tea Kada Benchu
☕ C1E38 - Velaikkaran Movie : Dissection & Analysis | Tea Kada Benchu
Cat, Drug Lord and Robo join in this Tea Kada Benchu episode to dissect and analyse - Velaikkaran one of the iconic movies in SK anna's career . Fill this form if you want to give awareness to consumers about marketing tricks, sales practises and ethics in the company you are working for : would like to thank 24AM Studios - Mohan Raja - Sivakarthikeyan for making a movie in Tamil that talks about Sales & Marketing in detail.. No other movie in Tamil has touched these concepts in detail.. (Hope they don't give a copyright strike for using their movie audio in this episode - Nanba O Nanba we have used it for educational purposes) .  If you are listening to the episode with the film audio track.. congrats... which means the production house / director hasn't noticed it yet! And in case we get any notification from the production house then we'll have to remove the audio (Don't worry we have already rendered the episode with & without the film's audio track) Avunga kaadhukku pogaadhunu nenaikren! . Anyways Disclaimer um potruvom : "Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, research and educational purposes" . Mohan Raja sir... big fan of your work! Ungala oru naal interview pannanum nu romba aasai... "The universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" endra quote meedhu baarathai pottu next Tea Kada Benchil sandhipom! --- Send in a voice message: