Episode 90: Jim & Patrick's Greatest Hits

Director's Club

27-04-2015 • 1 hr 49 mins

Hello friends, Jim here.  Welcome to Clip Show Redux.  Well yes, this was technically supposed to be a part of episode 100 -- much like the last episode we did on favorite movies -- but that's okay since numbers don't really matter, right?  Besides we've surpassed episode 100 if we counted the bonus episodes, remember?  Basically, a couple of emailers suggested another crack at this, and I was up to the task at hand despite it consuming up an entire day.  It was worth it.  Thanks to Caleb and a caller that left a voicemail -- you are both featured in the intro!

I explain more about two minutes in, but here's the scoop.  You get nearly two hours of everything you've come to love about Director's Club -- puns, mouth noises, grunts, umms, witticisms and insights galore.  This redux clip show features excerpts from about four years of podcasting interspersed with newer parody songs that were not played or featured in the "Radio Director's Club" bonus episode that Patrick did.  Some of these clips may have been played during Part 2 of Episode 50, but the majority of them along with the parody songs have never parsed before!  I'm sure I forgot a lot of great moments throughout the show, but if you're a fan and want to relive memories or share the show with skeptics, this might be the way to go.  Listen and decide for yourself.  It turned into quite the pinata so I hope you love ear candy.  Here's the rundown:

00:00 - 05:59 - Introduction
06:00 - 13:47 - Greatest Clips Part 1
13:48 - 24:23- Parody Songs
24:24 - 34:16 - Greatest Clips Part 2
34:17 - 43:52 - Parody Songs
43:53 - 53:02 - Greatest Clips Part 3
53:03 - 01:07:03  - Parody Songs
01:07:03  - 01:12:46 - Greatest Clips Part 4
01:12:47 - 01:17:52 -   That Time Patrick Almost Died In His Car!
01:17:53 - 01:28:14 -  "Unreleased" Parody Songs & More Songs!
01:29:15 - 01:49:45 -   Greatest Clips Part 5 / Conclusion

Jim & Patrick