Tracy Epps AKA Tracy Butler

Missing Persons

Nov 27 2022 • 52 mins

Episode 63 Tracy Epps AKA Tracy Butler

Tracy Epps, AKA Tracy Butler, had a lot going for her. The Virginia Grandmother had a career, an active social life, and was close with her family and friends. But when she began a relationship with and secretly married a man named LC Epps, those closest to Tracy began to see dramatic changes in her behavior. Tracy became withdrawn, and seemed to be under LC's control. She stopped working, and bounced aimlessly from hotel to hotel with her new husband. Tracy's family was very concerned for her health and safety, and they had good reason to be. A check of LC's background revealed a long and violent criminal record. When her family confronted Tracy over her new husband's past and tried to encourage her to leave him, Tracy defended him and said he had changed.

In March, 2022, LC was killed in a confrontation with police while brandishing a gun. When police searched for Tracy to deliver the news, they discovered that the 56 year old woman was no place to be found, and that she hadn't been seen by friends and family in the days leading up to LC's fatal interaction with police. When Tracy's family discovered she was missing, they feared the worse. A check of Tracy and LC's hotel room, and surveillance video from the hotel revealed troubling evidence that led both police and Tracy's family to conclude that something violent occurred between LC and Tracy, and that as a result, Tracy was dead. The clues seem to point to LC hiding or disposing of Tracy's remains, but to date, they have not been found. Tracy's family is heartbrohen and desperate to bring Tracy home, and giver her a proper goodbye. In this episode, Tracy's niece Katherine discusses this tragic case, and their efforts to find out what happened.

Anyone with information can call Henrico Police (804) 501-4878. Anonymous tips may be submitted by calling Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000 or online at

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