Jeremy Scott Reagan

Missing Persons

May 6 2023 • 1 hr 24 mins

Episode 72 Jeremy Scott Reagan

40 Year Old Jeremy Scott Reagan vanished On August 27, 2022 and has not been seen since.
Following an argument with family in his Forest Park, Oklahoma home, Jeremy headed out of the home reportedly to cool off in an area he went to when he needed to de-stress. This area was the Lexington Wildlife Management area, a 10,000 acre piece of land in Lexington, OK used by hunters, campers, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts. But instead of calming down and coming back home, Jeremy seemed to disappear. His family alerted authorities, who found his locked pickup truck near the entrance to the wildlife area. Inside, they located Jeremy's wallet and his phone which was turned off. Missing was Jeremy himself, and a gun that he had brought with him. Having a gun was not out of the ordinary for Jeremy when he went into the woods as he was a survivalist and always prepared to protect himself against wild animals.

Organized searches of the management area failed to find any sign of Jeremy. Even after the police stopped searching, Jeremy's family and friends continued looking, but still came up empty handed. A private investigator also failed to find any clues. When it came to light that Jeremy had been unhappy with his job, and his move to Oklahoma, and since he had left home with a gun following an argument, some people theorized that Jeremy may have headed out to the wildlife area he enjoyed so much to take his own life. But if that was the case, where are his remains? The area has been heavily traveled by hunters, and game wardens. Controlled burns have reduced the foliage allowing more of the area to be visible, but still no sign of Jeremy has been found. Additionally, there are many game cameras in the area, and none of them captured any images of Jeremy.

Today, over eight months after Jeremy vanished, his family and friends are as in the dark as they were in the days after he went missing. Jeremy's mom Robin discusses Jeremy's case in this episode, and talks about efforts to find him, and the frustration of not having any answers.

Jeremy Scott Reagan was 40 years old when he vanished in late August, 2022. Jeremy is a White Male, who stands 5ft6 and weighed approximately 200 pounds when he vanished. He had a goatee. Jeremy has Brown hair and Blue eyes, and wears both eyeglasses and hearing aids. He has tattoos and piercings, and was last seen wearing a Yellow t-shirt and brown cargo shorts.

If you have information about Jeremy, please call the Forest Park Police Department at (405) 424-1212, or the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation - South Central Investigative Regional Office Headquarters at (405) 848-6724.

There is a Namus page for Jeremy's case.

You can also visit the Facebook group set up for Jeremy to learn more information.

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