Brenda Gail Lambert

Missing Persons

May 20 2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

Episode 73 Brenda Gail Lambert

In October, 1992, 23 year old Brenda Gail Lambert vanished from her home in Bluefield, WV following her son's 1st Birthday Party, and she was never seen again. Brenda was in the middle of divorcing her husband, and there were allegations that he had been abusive to Brenda, and that he was having an affair with Brenda's cousin. Five months later, in January, 1993, another area resident named Mark Anthony Cook vanished and was never seen again. Police believe that their cases may be connected, as Brenda and Mark knew each other. There were rumors that Brenda and Mark were in a romantic relationship, although her family says there was no evidence of that.
Decades later, Brenda's family is still searching for her. Although she has been declared dead, they still would like to find her remains, and see the person responsible for her death brought to justice.
Brenda's sister Christy is the guest in this episode, and she discusses the frustrating uphill battle to find answers.

When Brenda vanished, she was described as being 5f2 and weighing 110-115 pounds. She had Black hair and Blue eyes, and birthmark on the back of her leg and a one-inch scar on her right wrist.

If you have any information about Brenda's case, or the case of Mark Anthony Cook, please call the Mercer County County Sheriff's Office at 304-487-8364

Visit the Missing Brenda Gail Lambert Facebook page to learn more about her case