Judith Anne Brown

Missing Persons

Mar 11 2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

Episode 69 Judith Anne Brown

In 1977, 19 year-old Judith Anne Brown, who went by Judy was trying to improve her mental health situation. college student, and lifelong New York resident, Judy stayed behind when most of her family moved out of state to Kansas. It was after her family moved away, that Judy, who had suffered with OCD and depression, began to struggle with her mental health. Wanting to get help, she voluntarily checked herself into Creedmoor Hospital hoping to improve her situation. It was there that Judy crossed paths with another patient named Richard Riesenberg and began dating him. He was committed for the brutal 1971 murders of his wife and young son. Despite the murders he committed, he was able to come and go from the facility. Judy was transferred to another hospital and eventually discharged. In April,1977, Richard Riesenberg found out he was going to be transferred to another facility where he would no longer be free to come and go. Before that could happen, he walked away from Creedmoor hospital, and vanished. It was soon discovered that Judy was missing too. Although Judy spoke to family shortly after she went missing, she was never seen again. The focus by authorities seemed to be on taking Richard back into custody. Despite the fact that Judy was very likely with him, her name wasn't mentioned in news articles about his escape. Years after they vanished, Richard Riesenberg was reported to have called his attorney to talk about turning himself into the authorities, but he never did, and was never heard from again. At the time of that phone call, he claimed he was in California, but did not mention Judy.

If she's alive, Judy would now be in her mid 60s. When she was last seen, Judy was described as bing 5ft2-5ft4, with Green eyes, and Sandy colored hair. Richard Riesenberg would be in his 80s if alive today, and at the time he went missing, had dark hair and wore glasses.

If you have information about the whereabouts of Judith Anne Brown, or Richard Riesenberg, please call the NYC Missing Persons squad at (212) 694-7781.

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