PSVG Prime 243 - Proprietary Blend of Seven Herbs and Spices

PSVG Podcast Network

Aug 24 2020 • 1 hr 38 mins

This week Kevin and Lucas are reunited and it feels so good. As per usual you all didn't disappoint with the questions as the two must ponder which is worst losing a finger or spending life in shoes a size too small, a dream vacation for the two fellas alone, and what the sleeping arrangement looks like as they have to share a full size bed. But in what they are actually brought on to talk about video games, they discuss Facebook forcing accounts for Oculus, Control continues to disappoint for next gen, Adaptive controllers on PS5, and Prince of Persia returning?  In what we've been playing: Fall Guys Avengers Flight Simulator BattleToads Luigis Mansion 3   Consider supporting the show at Visit our discord at Much thanks to our wonderful Patreon Producers - Edwin Calo, Barry Cathcart, Hayley Nicole Miller, Chris M., Justin Pickerd, Kyle Haiman, Nick Metzger, Devin Tyus, Delvin Cox, Grrouchie Serge, Justin Pickerd, Ryan Craig, Paul Calicoat, Joel Voss / Prof Switch, Sean Capri, The LOBORICAN , Nathan Robinson, Rob Emanuel, Robert (Navillus) Sullivan, Josh Bornbone, Michael Masek, Zach Bradshaw, Nick Faulhaber & Ben Moxham.