Rejecting Diet-Culture, Managing Default Parenting & Creating Healthy New Habits

Mom's Calling

Feb 15 2022 • 43 mins

This week, we're chatting with Dr. Supatra Tovar, one of the few clinical psychologists in the country who is also a registered dietician. Dr. Tovar specializes in treating eating disorders, anxiety and depression. She believes it's a bad idea to cut carbs and that no food is off limits!

In this fascinating conversation, we discuss the root of diet culture and its effect on us through advertising and social media. We bounce around through a variety of topics including: body image, body positivity, the effects of default parenting and mindful eating. Dr. Tovar also explains a great method to adopt new habits into your daily routine. Plus she shares her "militant" self-care routine!


Dr. Tovar recommends the book: Tiny Habits

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