Creating a Viral Cocktail Kit Business and Getting Featured on Oprah and Buzzfeed with Ashleigh Evans

Mom's Calling

18-01-2022 • 31 mins

Guest Ashleigh Evans shares how she launched a product that became a viral success! After less than two years in business, Inbooze cocktail infusion kits took off during the pandemic after getting featured in Buzzfeed and Oprah's stocking stuffers list. In this episode Ashleigh shares her secrets to marketing, branding and entrepreneurship. We also discuss prioritizing family time, even when life gets crazy busy!

Ashleigh is a former food blogger, mom of four and the founder of Inbooze. Her cocktail infusion kits are made from dehydrated fruits, spices and herbs. They're sold online, on Etsy and in 500 stores.

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