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Anne Emerson, Charlie Condon, Drew Tripp, Daniel Michener, Maxwell Harrison

The Murdaugh Murders, Money & Mystery offers an in-depth look at the unfolding criminal saga centered around disgraced former South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh. The podcast is hosted by veteran journalist Anne Emerson, along with former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon and producer Drew Tripp.

In addition to stealing nearly $9 million from his friends, clients and own law firm, Alex Murdaugh is charged with the ghastly murders of his wife, Maggie Murdaugh, and their youngest son, Paul Murdaugh. That's not to mention allegations of bank fraud conspiracy, drug trafficking, money laundering and tax evasion.

The Murdaugh Murders, Money & Mystery is part of the Unsolved South Carolina series of podcasts from WCIV-TV ABC News 4 in Charleston.

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S2E38: Stephen Smith Case Discussion
Mar 22 2023
S2E38: Stephen Smith Case Discussion
If you've listened to this podcast and followed the Murdaugh saga, then you likely know the names Tommy Moore and Sandy Smith. ABC News 4 and the Unsolved South Carolina team were privileged to have them accept a joint invitation for an interview last week, and we're sharing highlights of that interview here.READ: Attorney: SLED investigating Stephen Smith's death as a homicideFROM THE ARCHIVES: The Death of Stephen Smith, Part 1 | The Death of Stephen Smith, Part 2Sandy is the mother of Stephen Smith, a 19-year-old young man found dead in the middle of a dark country road in Hampton County in July 2015. Stephen was in college studying nursing when he died. He also happened to be an openly gay man in the conservative, rural South. How Stephen died remains a mystery. Sandy has long suspected he may have been the victim of a hate crime, while the Hampton rumor mill churned with the name "Murdaugh" for years.Meanwhile Tommy Moore is one of the dozens of people to have fallen victim to notorious attorney-turned-thief and convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh. We were the first to share Moore's story with the public in January 2022 after an avalanche of fraud and money laundering charges came pouring down on Murdaugh. The connection between Moore and Sandy Smith and the Murdaughs comes full circle in a bizarre way. Moore recently divulged he helped lead Highway Patrol's investigation into Stephen's 2015 death.READ: Sandy Smith & Tommy Moore agree Stephen Smith didn't die in a hit-and-runMoore and his Highway Patrol colleagues insisted Stephen's death was not related to an automobile hit-and-run based on evidence available at the time; rather, they felt it appeared Smith's body had been dumped in the roadway after being killed elsewhere. However, other law enforcement agencies, death investigators and medical officials seemed disinterested in pursuing a homicide probe into Stephen's death.The case went cold, but Sandy's fight to bring justice and closure for her son never waned. Then, the case gained national attention as part of the broader Murdaugh criminal saga in the summer of 2021. But how are the Murdaugh's connected? Initially, several witnesses interviewed by Highway Patrol back in 2015 and 2016 told Troopers someone in the Murdaugh family was connected to Stephen and may have knowledge of his death. But attempts to track down those rumors led nowhere. It's an allegation never proven, and one which Buster Murdaugh vehemently denies.READ: New details in 2015 Stephen Smith death investigationLittle else was heard about Stephen's case until the summer of 2021 when SLED announced out of the blue it was opening a new investigation into Stephen's death based on evidence and information gathered while concurrently investigating the June 2021 murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh. And as of March 21, 2023, SLED confirms to the Smith family's lawyers that they're officially considering Stephen's case a homicide investigation. That's welcome news to both Sandy Smith and Tommy Moore.Listen along as reporters Anne Emerson and Tara Jabour join former S.C. Attorney General Charlie Condon and retired S.C. Highway Patrol Lt. "Trooper Bob" Beres to share highlights of the interview with Sandy and Tommy, and offer insight into the story.READ: Independent autopsy to be performed on Stephen SmithSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
S2E37: Detectives Speak Candidly About Murdaugh Case
Mar 16 2023
S2E37: Detectives Speak Candidly About Murdaugh Case
Colleton County Sheriff's Detectives Laura Rutland, Daniel Greene and Jason Chapman were among the first on the scene the night of June 7, 2021, after Alex Murdaugh murdered his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul. And while it was almost unthinkable in the first few hours after the killings, these detectives said they picked up right away on things that weren't adding up -- primarily focusing on Murdaugh's demeanor, emotions and body language. Plus, the detectives respond to rampant criticism of investigators throughout the trial, saying some of the complaints against them were far from fair or reasonable. Join hosts Anne Emerson, Charlie Condon and Drew Tripp as they discuss the new details learned from this exclusive interview.Want to hear more from the Colleton County investigators? Check out the links below to the stories Anne Emerson and Tara Jabour have published on the topic.EXCLUSIVE: First CCSO responders to Murdaugh murders talk about the case and trial | WCIV ( investigators respond to criticisms by defense in Murdaugh trial | WCIV ( deputies dig deeper into Murdaugh's motives for killing wife and son | WCIV ( can catch up on all of our Murdaugh coverage, old and new, by visiting the special Murdaugh Murders section on the ABC News 4 website. Charleston Murdaugh Murders | News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | WCIV ( Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at