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Sarcopenia, Malnutrition and Physical Activity feat. Stacy Jones RD
Sarcopenia, Malnutrition and Physical Activity feat. Stacy Jones RD
Wednesday 19th May 2021Dietetics Digest Sarcopenia, Malnutrition and Physical Activity feat. Stacy Jones RD (Episode 7)Associate Professor; Curriculum Change Lead at Coventry University. Stacey has worked in academia for the past 6.5 years and, before that, working as a specialist community dietitian and a Public Health Specialist Dietitian. Stacey is undertaking a part-time PhD in the area of sarcopenia, looking at the role of the dietitian in preventing and managing sarcopenia in older adults. She has a passion for leading forward the profession of dietetics and evidence-based practice, striving for excellence in patient caretaking a holistic, patient-centred approach. Stacey is a committee member of the BDA Older People Specialist Group and the EFAD Older Adults specialist network. Resources Mentioned:Sarcopenia: revised European Consensus on definition and diagnosis PROT-AGE Group RecommendationsMoving MedicineSARC-F toolGLIM Criteria for the diagnosis of malnutritionReflection on Expanding the Role of the Dietitian Stacy Jones (Twitter)The enhanced role: should dietitians be prescribing exercise advice? A qualitative study.Nutritional interventions for preventing malnutrition in people with dementia. Nursing Older PeopleIf you enjoyed the podcast, please can you support us by: Write a review on Apple Podcasts.Follow us on social media ( Twitter / Instagram ) Please share this podcast with a friend!This podcast is supported by an unrestricted eduction grant from Nutricia.Thank you for your support!