In-Powered by a*k²

Jul 19 2023 • 1 min

Hello and welcome to In-Powered by a*k². My goal with this podcast is to in-power you to empower yourself. Such that no matter what happens to you or what life circumstances you find yourself in, you get back up on your feet again. You bounce back. This is what I’m training myself to do. This is what I wish to share with you.

As a perspective shifter, this is about freeing your mind. This podcast will require both your thinking and feeling faculties. I can’t wait for you to discover the in-power and 4E frameworks as part of the a*k² in-power method. Bring your notebook and pen.

You can find me on Bingepods and most other popular podcast platforms. Don’t come to me for the answers. Come to me for the questions. Let’s begin the shift to healthier perspectives.

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