Episode 1: UNPLUG - Not all losses are losses

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Sep 22 2023 • 6 mins

Verse: Losses

Not all losses are losses.
Some losses are victories
Disguised as losses.

It’s best in the moment,
To not judge what has happened.
Sometimes, what you think
To be the best thing
Can turn out to be
The worst over time.
And vice-versa.

So, before you
Bemoan an event
And declare it a loss,
Give life time
To show you what it really is.
For all you know,
It may be a blessing in disguise.

Just you wait,
Let life reveal its magic
Through time.

But what if you
Find out in the end
That it was indeed a loss?
Celebrate what you had
Before you lost it.

And resolve to do
What it takes
To protect that
Which you value better.

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