Ancient Visitors to the Americas BEFORE COLUMBUS #ancienthistory #forbiddenhistory

Mystic Lounge

Apr 21 2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

Joining me is James Martin, co-author of UNCHARTED: A Rediscovered History of Voyages to the Americas Before Columbus. He is a British historian, economist, and lecturer with experience in the field of paranormal investigation. James has been a member of and investigator for the Worsley Paranormal Group since its founding in 2003.

Uncharted covers a range of cultures who seemingly have been visiting the Americas since long before Columbus. In compelling detail, the book presents stories of visiting distant lands that abound from many cultures, such as the Egyptian, Greeks, Celts, and one large Chinese group that likely settled in the Americas in 100 BC. Simply put, the history of the discovery of North America is all wrong.

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