Searching for Bigfoot _ Science and Wild Things Unknown _ Doug Hajicek #sasquatch #cryptid

Mystic Lounge

May 24 2023 • 58 mins

Joining me is Doug Hajicek, producer of SASQUATCH: LEGEND MEETS SCIENCE. Doug is a wildlife researcher, technology inventor, and producer of MONSTER QUEST. Doug tells the story of his own encounters with a suspected Bigfoot; and speaks on the compelling evidence that exists today.

Doug Hajicek has had a very successful national television career spanning over 30 years. His accomplishments are also many in the scientific world. His firsts even include building the camera system that filmed the first free swimming giant squid well over 54' feet long living in its natural habitat.

He has also designed many hidden cameras to spy on bears and other mammals. He is also the Producer for the hit long running TV series "MonsterQuest" for the History Channel. Before this he produced many documentaries and other TV series for Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Discovery Health, TLC, OLN, NBC, CBS, PBS. He recently co-authored a scientific paper July 2020 in the journal of Animals on the birth of black bears and their care.

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