Eerie Tales and Chilling Encounters with host of "Yes, This Happened", Mario Gongora

Paranormal Now

16-09-2022 • 56 mins

Joining me is Mario Gongora, host of the podcast, YES, THIS HAPPENED. Mario spoke about his own UFO encounters and the experiences growing up that instilled his interest in the paranormal. We discussed everything from evil elves and ghosts, the Grabadora, to glowing underwater craft.

What happens when a Ouija board spells out the word “danger” on its own? Or what if you randomly come across a seismic, paranormal, spiritual, or outright creepy event you can’t quite understand (or even believe really happened)?

“Yes, This Happened,” is a paranormal show detailing supernatural accounts from real people who swear that what they experienced really happened. These stories originate and are collected from the Caribbean, Mexico, and all of Latin America.

Mario Góngora, is a professional VO talent based out of Florida and Texas. He's currently the voice for Fox Channels Latin America, two regional TV networks, several national and international IVR systems (including Disney+ Latin America), and many retail national spots currently on TV and social media. In recent years, he’s been the official national Hispanic voice of Sprint, Wendy's, Ford, and Univision's UniMás Network.

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