Uinta Basin Strange Phenomena Connections to Native American Culture #ufo #highstrangeness

Mystic Lounge

May 19 2023 • 57 mins

Joining me is high-strangeness phenomena investigator, Michele Meiners. Michele s a Native American representing a blend of three Native American cultures - The Navajo, Chippewa, and Pawnee Nations. We discussed her own contact experiences after crossing a line in the Uinta Basin where she suddenly felt the energy change, and entering what she describes as a vortex. We also discussed Bigfoot and Dire Wolf encounters. It turns out, yes, Bigfoot do have an intense aroma. Michele believes that a communion between spirits (or entities) and Native Americans has always existed.

Michele's unique heritage makes her a welcome advisor and partner on Native projects. Michele excels at investigating leading-edge technologies and the interplay of multiple solutions within a single project. Michele will be a featured speaker at the upcoming CONTACT IN THE DESERT. https://contactinthedesert.com/

She is a dedicated Entrepreneur who has held positions in growing businesses that expanded her business portfolio in Agricultural technology, including water technologies. She has partnered with Pure Life-International and as CEO of Progressive Global Solutions LLC, she has partnered with Alaska Pacific Partners LLC. Michele has empowered individuals all around the globe as an entrepreneur and has served on several boards on behalf of Native American education scholarships programs. In recent years she has spent 6 years in the Uinta Basin investigating Native American Culture and its correlations to phenomenal occurrences.

This has led to partnering with Dr Jim Segala on the (MUPAS Project, Unidentified Phenomenon Tracking portal). Her experiences with phenomenal anomalies in Basin have led to investigations with Native American occurrences to her culture. Michele has appeared on such TV shows Courtesy of Weather Channel (Uncharted Adventures) Episode 8, exploring the Uinta Basin and its unique cultural representations to Cosmos and its energy centers. Her experiential experiences concerning the phenomena that are so infamous in the Uinta Basin, has spurred to continue the investigations linking her cultural and anomalous characteristics of the Basin.

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