USOs Extraterrestrial Waterways in Our Oceans, Seas, Lakes and Rivers #uap #ufo #aliens

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02-09-2022 • 2 hrs

In the middle of the live stream our power completely blacked out for minutes. I had to jump back into StreamYard using my phone. Thank goodness Debbie stuck with it after I suddenly disappeared. I got back into the studio and stayed on for a bit using my phone until the power came back and I rebooted my computer. Debbie was awesome with her professionalism and kept on rolling! Thank you Debbie!

Joining me is unidentified submerged object and UFO investigator Debbie Ziegelmeyer to discuss evidence for non-human made craft navigating our seas, lakes and rivers.

Debbie is from Imperial, Missouri, was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, attended school in Safford, Arizona and later attended high school first in Southern California, then Arnold, Missouri where she graduated from Fox Senior High School. Debbie joined MUFON in 2000 and became a Field Investigator shorty after. She is currently a MUFON Star Team Investigator, the State Director of Missouri, a member of the MUFON Business Board of Directors, The Functional Director of Underwater Research and Recovery, a Benefactor and Inner Circle member, and a MUFON Archivist. She also teaches a MUFON Field Investigator Dive Team course which instructs investigators in both in water and on shore responsibilities and protocols.Debbie has been a Roswell 1947 crash investigator for over 25 years and was a volunteer archeologist on two NBC projects, 2002 “Roswell Crash Startling New Evidence”, and the UFO Hunters episode “Roswell Revisited”.
Debbie has been a speaker at the 2017 Devils Tower “UFO Rendezvous” speaker, the 2018 “Alien Cosmic Expo” in Toronto, Canada, the 2021 OZ Conference and more. Most recently, Debbie appeared on two episodes of “Alien Highway” as a consultant, two episodes of “Alaska Triangle”, and the 2021 Discovery+ series “Roswell the Final Verdict”. Debbie is also featured in the Ben Mezrich book “The 37th Parallel” which is a chronological account of her brother Chuck Zukowski’s UFO and cattle mutilation investigations. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of “World of Water Foundation”, a 501c3 dedicated to giving disabled veterans and children with special needs, the chance to experience scuba diving and snorkeling.

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