Ancient Mysterious Sites of the U.S. and the Hudson Valley #secretsites #mystery

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Apr 14 2023 • 1 hr

Joining me to explore hidden places of mysterious origins and fascinating history is researcher and explorer, Salvatore M. Trento. Sal is the author of a series of books entitled “MYSTERIOUS PLACES OF” which covers areas of the Americas, including the Hudson Valley of NY. We will be seeking out hidden gems, strange anomalies, and how to find them. Salvatore Michael Trento, a graduate of Oxford University, did his early work on the Spanish Balearic Islands. There he helped excavate 3000-year-old megalithic monuments.

His teams of geologists, archeologists, pilots, and graduate students spent years surveying and recording the unusual array of stonework. His recent eBooks include the revised/expanded versions of best-sellers: Field Guide to Mysterious Places of the West (Pruett), Field Guide to Mysterious Places of Eastern America and Field Guide to Mysterious Places of the Pacific Coast ( Holt). The new eBook versions of these books have expanded sections and new GPS data. Trento is currently scripting a show detailing his Mysterious Places Field Guides.

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