In the Stars and Shadows • Heather Taddy, Paranormal and UFO Investigator

Paranormal Now

05-08-2022 • 1 hr 57 mins

I really enjoyed these two hours with special guest and seasoned paranormal investigator, Heather Taddy. We discussed everything from demon spirits, to skinwalkers, to extraterrestrial contact. As well as the effect that a paranormal encounter can have on a person; and the merging of high-strangeness and evidence based reality. Of course, we get to hear about Heather’s adventures on the several network televisions series she has worked on.
Paranormal Researcher and Investigator Heather Taddy is known for her work on A&E’s hit television series Paranormal State, which is based on real-life investigations from the world-renowned Penn State Paranormal Research Society (PRS). While studying Film and French at Penn State University, Taddy trained as a Field Investigator for PRS while also traveling the country helping families living in haunted houses. She's known for isolating herself in a haunted location's most active area while documenting her experiences. Taddy has worked alongside the legendary Lorraine Warren, and was inspired to join PRS after attending one of her lectures.

Taddy teamed up with UFO Researcher, Investigator, former law enforcement officer and leading cattle mutilation investigator-Chuck Zukowski on a journey to search for definitive proof of UFOs alongside America’s Alien Highway. Together, with Chuck’s son Daniel Zukowski, they pursue cases that authorities ignore, find the evidence that others have missed, and interview witnesses that are otherwise afraid to come forward. Alien Highway premiered June 12, 2019 on The Travel Channel.

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