Secret to Worldwide Ancient Pyramid and Megalith Building with Nick Redfern

Paranormal Now

10-09-2022 • 54 mins

This was a fun chat with Nick Redfern discussing his new controversial book, HOW ANTIGRAVITY BUILT THE PYRAMIDS. Nick is accustomed to tackling subjects that mainstream academia have already pronounced solved, but for the loose ends that researchers like Nick demand answers to.

Redfern argues it was not literally music and whistling that somehow raised stones the weight of dozens of modern-day cars into the skies above. Such a thing is not possible. But music and whistling have one thing in common: sound. Acoustics. Almost certainly, acoustic levitation was at the heart of these incredible feats.

Nick Redfern is the auchor of more than sixty books. He has been on many television shows, Including Travel channel's in Search of Monsters, History channel's Unexplained, Ancient Aliens and Monster Quest; SyFy channel's Proof Positive, and the National Geographic channel's Paranatural. Nick is a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM. Nick's blog: World of Whatever at

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