Introducing; Foul Play, Making a Predator

Scene of the Crime

May 27 2022 • 18 mins

Introducing; Foul Play, Making a Predator

This is Episode 1 of 4 on the newest season of Foul Play called Making a Predator. Our story begins with a man walking into a movie theater in Noblesville, Indiana – 22-year-old Brent Allred.

Brent is shy, self-effacing, and a junior at nearby Ball State University. He’s meeting a woman here, or rather a girl, for the very first time. They’ve been talking for six months now, and today he’s wearing the appropriate amount of overpriced cologne, a button-down shirt, black leather shoes, and he’s holding a pair of movie tickets for the two of them that he bought in advance for this day

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