This is America with Rich Valdés

Rich Valdes | Cumulus Podcast Network

America is complicated, so we break it down to the basics. Join radio host Rich Valdés, "Your liberty-loving Latino amigo," "The voice of Hispanic conservatives," as he takes you on his journey through poverty, prosperity, and politics with humor, analysis, and a dash of sofrito. Previously, Valdés was staffer in Governor Chris Christie’s administration and Director of Operations at Project Veritas, He is currently a radio host, producer, and regular guest-host of the nationally-syndicated Mark Levin Show referred to on-air as "Richie V. Mr. Call Screener". Valdés is a proud American of Puerto Rican heritage, a Gen-Xer, born in Brooklyn, NY, and spent his teen years in Hudson County, NJ. At 16 years old, while still in High School, Valdés turned a hair cutting hobby in his dad’s apartment into an actual barbershop business. Valdés is a co-founder of a charter school and served as a school board member. New shows are available every Tuesday, Thursday, and on the weekend. Follow @RichValdes on social media and subscribe to the podcast to never miss an episode. read less