Serial Entrepreneurship 101 with Whitney Eckis

My Point Of View

21-12-2021 • 43 mins

Today I'm joined by Whitney Eckis, serial entrepreneur of Get Supr and Eckis Marketing. She started her career perfecting the practices of growing brands and businesses in the digital space. At the vibrant age of 22, she became the Founder and CEO of Eckis Marketing, a creative communications agency based out of San Diego, CA.

Eckis Marketing under Whitney’s leadership has elevated brands such as Marriott, Hilton, SOULCYCLE, and CLEARSTEM through social media marketing, influencer relations, branding, experiential events, and creative strategy. But her story doesn’t stop in the marketing world. As a serial entrepreneur, Whitney has her hands in five businesses today but the one that is currently shining the brightest? Get Supr, an instant coffee brand fused with CBD so good you won’t believe it’s instant - for those seeking energy sans the jitters. Her sharp eye for the digital landscape combined with her entrepreneurial spirit make her the go-to girl you call up when you are ready to dream big. Whether it is digital marketing, a product based venture, or learning how to juggle multiple businesses, Whitney has the serial influence to get it done.

We talked all about:

- her college experience, internships and jobs that led her into being an entrepreneur

- becoming the founder of Eckis Marketing at the young age of 22

- why your mistakes are your biggest lessons

- how to be an owner in multiple businesses at once to diversify equity and how to balance multiple businesses without burning out

- dealing with burnout and accepting it happens to be able to move past it

- how does she stays organized while being the owner of multiple businesses

- how her anxiety disorder led her to create Get Supr

- advice she would give to her younger self that was starting her own marketing agency

- advice for people for entrepreneurs that think that the market is too saturated

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