Being the CEO of a Startup at 25 years old with Natalie Barbu from Rella

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25-01-2022 • 51 mins

Today I'm joined by Natalie Barbu, content creator, lifestyle youtuber and CEO of Rella, an all-in-one management tool to help content creators and influencers run their business, so basically the only tool you need to run your social media.

In this episode we talked about:

- Projects before Rella started that led her to get to where she is today: if she saw having a business aside from her YouTube, her patreon, slack community and agency and how did she realize the missing thing from the content creators market

- How was the idea for Rella born and what’s Rella mission or WHY

- What's it like to be the cofounder of a startup and how different is it to any other thing she has done before

- How did she go about finding app developers and networking to create the team she has now of 8 people, without using LinkedIn or looking at qualifications in a resume

- How much has Rella changed from the original idea to the app that we can all find on the app store today

- What was the biggest challenge so far, and what was the easiest thing about the whole proccess

- The slack channel: how did the idea for that come about and why did she decide to keep it

- What are some of the new features you’re gonna be rolling out in the upcoming months and what are some of the 2022 goals she has for Rella

- The company culture she's isntalling in the beginning stages of Rella, what values are the most important or her

- Advice she would give to her past self before starting to work on Rella

- What excites her the most about her career today


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