Being the First Transgender Prom Queen with Corey Rae

My Point Of View

11-04-2022 • 56 mins

Today I'm joined by Corey Rae, an activist, storyteller, and the World’s first openly transgender Prom Queen. Corey educates audiences about being trans, and uses her voice for the LGBTQIA+ community in helping individuals that struggle with gender identity, the transition process, coming out, or feeling like their most beautiful selves.

We talked about:

Her coming out story, life as a transgender woman: who did she come out to first, how was that transition, how her mom was her main supporter,  her thoughts on "being trapped in the wrong body", transgender role models and icons, how did she take care of her mental health during this process, and advice for people going through the same thing

Her work: her college story, how she's an activist, actress, consultant, model, producer, speaker, and writer who helps break social stigmas surrounding transgender women, how she decided not to be just one or niche down, what are some of the projects she loved from last year and what she's excited for the new year and main challenges and most fulfilling things from her work

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Music: Cheese, prod. by Lukrembo