The importance of social media literacy and how to be more aware on social media with Gigi Robinson

My Point Of View

15-11-2021 • 58 mins

Today I'm joined by Gigi Robinson, a 23 year old mental health, chronic illness and body image advocate. She's an internationally recognized GenZ Thought leader and Creative Innovator. With dedicated followings of over 150,000 people and multiple instances of her story going viral - her unique take on self-awareness and actionable advice has made her a go-to voice for ambitious GenZ-ers wanting to make an impact.

We talked about:

The actual interview starts here:

- Social media literacy: what is it, and why does she think it’s so important

- Why social media literacy is important, and how GenZ-ers should manage their relationship with it.

- The responsibilities that come with being an influencer

- Performative activism in the influencer community

- Chronic illness, the experience of sharing that with the world

- The importance of boundaries on social media

- Body image and self confidence

- How social media affects our mental health

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