WOMEN'S MARCH I Being an Angry Feminist with Madigan from Your Angry Neighborhood Feminist

My Point Of View

28-03-2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

Today's episode is the LAST from Women's March, 2022 edition.  As the name suggest, for the month of March, since the 8th is International Women’s Day, I’m going to be doing 4 women empowerment and feminism focused episodes, bringing different guests from different walks of life, to talk all about their experience with being a woman, feminism & women empowerment.

For this last episode I'm joined by Madigan, cohost of Your Angry Neighborhood Feminist, a podcast where Maidgan and her cohost Keegan we explore the world through our personal feminist perspectives.

We talked about:

- The reason behind the podcast and the name, and if people had controversial opinions around it

- Her dream guest and how people that knew the feminist icons they've talked about reached out to them to thank them, and how that made those icons more human for them, and how that's where she sees women empowerment at it's best

- Her experience being a female podcaster talking about feminist issues, and how she thinks it would be different if they were men

- Feminism for her and how white privilege plays a part on it, and how that makes intersectionality SO much more important

- What we need to work towards to when it comes to gender equality

- A beautiful poem about what her favorite thing about being a woman is

Your Angry Neighborhood Feminists: https://www.instagram.com/angryneighborhoodfeminist/?hl=es

Madigan's IG: https://www.instagram.com/shesmadigan/

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