WOMEN'S MARCH I Removing period stigma with Period Movement Chapters from Guatemala and CRW on Cleveland Ohio

My Point Of View

07-03-2022 • 40 mins

Today's episode marks the start of Women's March, 2022 edition.  As the name suggest, for the month of March, since the 8th is International Women’s Day, I’m going to be doing 4 women empowerment and feminism focused episodes, bringing different guests from different walks of life, to talk all about their experience with being a woman, feminism & women empowerment.

For this first episode I decided to bring on people from the Period Movement: Marcela Reyes, research coordinator at Period Guatemala and Alexis, president of the Period Chapter at Case Western Reserve University at Cleveland, Ohio.

We talked about:

- What is the Period Movement and how did they found out about it and decided to get involved

- Their actions towards menstrual education, advocacy and service

- What's the difference between a national chapter, like Guatemala's and a university one, like the CWR one

- What does menstrual equity mean and how long until we can achieve it

- Where period stigma comes from and how we can help to combat it

- Why is it important to stop the silence around period talk

- The importance of education when it comes to menstrual equity

- What are the main needs of each chapter and their initiatives for 2022

- What's the most fulfilling part about being part of Period

- What does feminism mean to them and who is a role model for them when it comes to women empowerment

Period Guatemala: https://www.instagram.com/period.guatemala/

Period CWR: https://www.instagram.com/period.cwru/

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