Don't Wait For a Genius Idea And Just Start with Lucie Fink

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04-04-2022 • 1 hr 16 mins

Today I'm joined by Lucie Fink, a 29-year-old video producer, lifestyle host, stop motion artist, and digital educator. She has made numerous appearances on NBC’s TODAY Show as a Millennial spokesperson, discussing a wide range of topics relevant to her generation. From 2015-2019, Lucie worked at Refinery29 where she created and hosted their hit YouTube shows, Try Living with Lucie and Lucie for Hire. Today, Lucie is signed with United Talent Agency and creates entertaining and educational content for a global audience of millions across her various social platforms.

In this episode we talked about:

- Her college career: choosing to study medicine and be a doctor, and how and why did she pivot to video production

- Her first job after college: what did she learned there, what was her favorite thing and her least favorite thing about the job and how it ended up being the biggest networking opportunity for her

- Being the face of Refinery 29’s video team: how did she got the job, and how she started out there, what were her favorite video formats to create, and what were her favorite things about the job, being a video producer vs being in front of the camera.

- Her transition to working for herself: how was the transition and why she loved the way she decided to do it, what's her favorite thing, how to create a routine, building a team, signing with an agency what's her favorite thing about it

- Being a new mom: how did she announced her maternity leave to her team, how she has the best of both worlds now that she's off maternity leave, what's the privilege of working for yourself when it comes to being a new mom, what would she say to moms that feel guilty about going back to work

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