It's Okay If Your Timeline Isn't The One You Thought It Would Be with Laura Behnke

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26-04-2022 • 1 hr 1 min

Today I'm joined by Laura Behnke, a TV sports reporter turned expectation-busting coach and women's empowerment advocate. Laura has coached hundreds of women on how to shake off the weight of society’s expectations and start living the life they deserve.

Laura has never followed a traditional path. Although she had enjoyed over 16 years of success as an award-winning television journalist, Laura still couldn’t help but feel like she was “behind.” The traditional timeline for women told her that she should have been married with children by now, and she felt miles away from where she thought she’d be. Was there something wrong with her?

While Laura’s story is unique, her experience is all too familiar for many women. It wasn’t until Laura began to celebrate who she was, honor her accomplishments, and welcome a future all her own that she was able to step into the life she had always dreamed of. She had her first boyfriend at 35, married at 38, started her own company at 39, and is now on an IVF journey at age 41. By embracing her own timeline, she was finally able to find happiness and peace within her own life path.

Now, Laura is on a mission to help other women avoid the same pitfalls, free themselves from expectations, and let them know that they are not alone on this journey. Laura and her clients work together to harness the power of individuality while normalizing taking a unique life path. In short, she helps women stop worrying about what they think they “should be doing with their life and start living it.

We talked about:

- Her career as a TV reporter: what made her wanna be a tv reporter, was it she always thought it would be, has she ever not felt fulfilled by this job, and what was the thing that made her wanna quit it

- Her personal struggles: what was the thing that made you feel behind and why, how did you combat the bad days and the negative thoughts around that, how did this experience impacted your mental health

- First boyfriend at 35: if she had any mindset shifts that made her eventually find her husband, how can we make the most out of our single lives  while looking for what we want, how to own our own timelines, how did she turn this experience into her career and how to communicate our struggles to our loved ones

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