The intersection of human emotion and technology with Heather Smith from StoryFile

My Point Of View

01-11-2021 • 47 mins

Today I'm joined by Heather Smith, co-founder and CEO of StoryFile, a storytelling app that will preserve the future ability to interact with your loved ones!

StoryFile is generational preservation of familial interaction and legacy through technology is the future of storytelling. It allows the next generation to know the ones that came before them. Through the click of a button, StoryFile magically turns video into conversation transforming the traditional one-way video into a two-way conversation. This is the biggest audio-visual evolution since video was first created. And StoryFile Life is placing this technology into the hands of us all so that we can preserve our loved ones for generations to come.

In this episode we talked about:

- What is StoryFile and what made her wanna start this app

- How all families can record their loved ones through StoryFile Life so that your little ones can talk to their great or great-great grandma one day!

- The intersection of humanity & human emotion with technology for future generations to come.

- How Heather’s want to provide the ability for future generations to have conversations with Holocaust survivors sparked this new technology and the creation of StoryFile Life

- How she balances running StoryFile with her husband - and many other members of her family! - as a family business

- What excited her the most about her career today?

Hope you enjoy!


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