Spilling The Legal Tea about the Influencer Marketing Industry with Kameron Monet

My Point Of View

18-04-2022 • 41 mins

Today I'm joined by Kameron M. Buckner, Esq.,  licensed attorney, content creator, and influencer marketing consultant. Kameron began her career as an Associate Attorney practicing Employment Litigation, while simultaneously using social media to create content around fashion, beauty, lifestyle, as well as female professionalism and career building.

Kameron has built an engaging and organic audience with over 140,000 followers across her platforms @kameronmonet, working with brands from Dove to McDonalds to Ulta Beauty.

After realizing her social media expertise and license to practice law could provide value for aspiring “Lawyer Influencers”, as well as educate content creators about the power of contracts when signing brand deals; Kameron quit her 9-to-5 law firm job, founded The Legal Tea, and now lives what she calls the best of both worlds.

We talked about:

- Her career as a licensed attorney, content creator and influencer marketing consultant: when did she decided she wanted to be a lawyer and why, when she started social media and youtube, and how does she balances all of her jobs and keeps her mental health in check

- The Legal Tea: what's the legal tea, why she decided to found it and what she loves the most about it

The business side of influencing: What are some basics that influencers should keep an eye for when it comes to influencer contracts with brands, what are some ways that influencers can get screwed over with their contracts, can influencers make more money by changing some terms on their contracts, what’s your advice for smaller influencers just starting out working with brands?

Kameron's IG: https://www.instagram.com/kameronmonet/

Kameron's Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSp52HvdllyUqLXsdwwOkTA

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