Getting excited about dressing up in the morning with Mary Ralph & Kennedy from Daily Drills

My Point Of View

08-11-2021 • 46 mins

Today I'm joined by Mary Ralph Lawson and Kennedy Crichlow, the founders of Daily Drills.

Daily Drills is the new lifestyle destination for transitional pieces that effortlessly move you through every moment in style. In 2020, amidst a global pandemic, best friends and entrepreneurial spirits Kennedy and Mary Ralph, spotted a niche space in the ever-growing leisure industry. It was obvious to the duo that shoppers were getting more selective with their purchasing decisions and apparel with only one use-case no longer held appeal for savvy, sustainability-driven consumers who needed their closets to work harder.

Their Daily Drills logo, which sits fiercely on their signature pieces, has been the symbol of their mission: simplifying getting dressed and blurring the lines between workout-wear, lounge-wear, business-wear, and everything in between.

What started in Mary Ralph’s apartment has now evolved into a fashion label that has never had to pay influencers to promote, organically got featured in US Weekly, hit 1M in sales within their first year, and now has an HQ and team out of Los Angeles.

We talked about:

- How did they meet and what were they doing pre Daily Drills.

- What is Daily Drills and how did the idea for Daily Drills started and what were the tangible first steps

- What were some of the challenges of it, and what were some of the most enjoyable things about having your own brand?

- How to be best friends and business partners

- When did you realize you could actually go full time on Daily Drills? And how does a typical day look like while working on Daily Drills?

- How to get sales in a space that seems saturated with activewear brands?

- How to create a company culture infused with the positivity that translates into your community

Hope you enjoy!

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